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macro carousel _ wow! this is siate, but it is not a member of brand mania))) yes, and tacos

👓 macro in carousel
wow! this is siate but it is not a member of brand mania))) yes it happens.
I have had this baby for a long time at least a year or even more) my beautiful lilac sparkle I just trudge from his sparkles and in general from his appearance. it is so weightless both in application and in mood it is a pleasure to walk with it on your nails ☺️ and despite its such weightlessness and translucency I still consider it purple because it is worth adding literally one more layer on top – and it will be much brighter it just suits me and his appearance
Do you have days when it seems straightforward that everything is not going your way? here I am today / on the day of writing the post it was Sunday / felt exactly that. we sat down to remake my mother’s manicure which was long overdue to redo but it so happened that they could not – everything went somehow wrong in the end I’m completely unhappy with the result; I painted myself decided to paint one particular friend / I’ll show him tomorrow I hope I didn’t miscalculate ahahah / – so he barely even settled down although I diluted it. therefore right on the same day I took a picture until the surface went with some bumps erased it only in the late evening I painted it up with another comrade more successfully. so also the glova ached all day not much but pissed off 😒 phew.
for #PurpleNovember2020 #PurpleNovember by Sveta @zelldalink
👾 #ciate moondust @ciatelondon
here it is applied in two layers / thin and denser / with a top. his base is translucent albeit with a purple tint but despite this he blocked my nail for me personally. Well you can see for yourself in the macro and in the photo why should I hide that. I think someone will need three coats especially someone who loves very thin layers someone may even want to apply it only on a purple substrate. but I like it like this 💜
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